Earn a Minor in the Digital Humanities!

The digital and data revolutions have transformed our world. For students of the humanities, these revolutions have made new kinds of study possible.

In our Summer Minor or Certificate Program in the Digital Humanities, you will explore questions about art and culture using digital tools. You will learn to search through large collections of sources instantly using text analysis. You will learn to analyze and present your research vividly in visual formats. You will learn to design dynamic and interactive projects on digital platforms. Above all, you will learn how to employ these cutting-edge techniques to investigate subjects in the humanities in new and fascinating ways.

The digital humanities minor teaches you how to ask timeless questions, and answer them using today’s tools. It offers you the skills to make your work communicable and relevant in today’s digital world – skills you’ll use as a scholar and as a professional. Come explore the possibilities with us. Visit the DH Summer Minor website to learn more.